A greater vision

We must strive to believe in a strategic and scientific approach to athletic preparation.

Changing the mentality


Our atmosphere is what makes us unique. We are unlike any corporate or box facility in our area. The culture we’ve created welcomes all brands of exercise. We are a family that celebrates the success of our members. Your achievements deserve to be recognized. We will provide the tools and support to set new goals and exceed expectations.

athletic performance

Nationwide, it is no secret that South Eastern Idaho isn’t a plethora of college recruits or top-rated athletes. We believe that the lack of knowledge and small-town mentality is holding us back from true athletic success. We are behind the times.

What are we missing here that is found in successful athletic programs? That answer, is a true strength and conditioning program. Our goal is to shift the local mindset.

personal training

For those individuals with the drive to reach their goals, but lack the direction and accountability, we have you covered. We have a training staff with a wide variety of skills that will match your needs. Our goal with personal training is to educate and motivate. We are not here to follow you around the gym and bark orders. We are here to educate you on proper technique, exercise prescription, and injury prevention. We are going to boost the confidence in yourself and your ability to exercise freely, on your own, with confidence in proper exercise practice.

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